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    Dreamer  31, Female, Australia - 17 entries
Apr 2008
4:35 AM WST

Recap 2

Falling in love is not easy as i found out. I cant explain what we had lets just say it was magic.� I� think i kept picking fights with him just to test if what we had was solid as a brick,

We constantly had phone sex it was great....we are quite horny people.� He could make up a scene of what we would do to each other, his voice alone aroused me with my legs pressed hard together i'd listen�and then just cum. It was quite addictive he didnt enjoy it as much but he loved making me happy so he didn't mind doing it

None of us predictated that we would fall in love that hard.......something deep and dark constantly haunted me. I lied to Eddy about who i was

That gal on myspace was not me. She hardly looked like me. I felt so fuckin guilty one night when we were talking i just blurted it out. He was suprised(who wouldn't be!) and shocked. Eddy didn't see this one coming!

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