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    tealprincess18  32, Female, Virginia, USA - 88 entries
Mar 2008
7:44 PM EDT


i am sitting here with my BFF!!!! we are having fun watching movies and just plain out talking about nothing.. to fill you all in about the last few weeks of my life or the last forever.. cuz i hasvnt written in a while.. josh and i broke up because of a big misunderstanding... we arre trying to work things out so i guess you could say we are back together.. his birthday was on the 20th and we went out to was fun over all, just alot of catching up, considering i never get to see him cuz he is always away at school... well i will write another page of my boring life at a later date.. to those of you who know me and those of you who dont.. i hope i can bring a smile to your face and inspire you to beleive in yourself... just listen to you HEART is all i can say at the moment... well LATA!!:)

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