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    manavpietro  35, Male, New York, USA - 63 entries
Jan 2017
5:10 AM IST


Asia is growing rapidly and is continuously gaining influence on a global scale. It is packing a powerful punch as a market and its global ascendancy is opening multitudes of opportunities for human resources as an asset. And any list of human resources is managed and maintained by talent teams of top CHRO leaders. Who are these experts in human resources who expend themselves so meticulously in the development of the region? Top CHRO Asia is a HR list of top chief human resources officers in the continent of Asia.

The list has been consolidated following extensive exercise of profiling candidates from over 20 countries including growing and developing economies like China, India, and the countries from APAC (Asia- Pacific). The HR leader list covered list of human resources to the count of 1800+ leaders in the HR and concluded a list of top 100 CHRO in the Asian continent.

These man and women who belong to the C-suite and call themselves chief human resource officer have time and again proved their mettle in their abilities of problem solving, intelligence, ethics, and communication skills. It’s a privilege to be listed in the HR list which is judged on 15 rigorous vectors of TopCHRO ICETM framework.
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    clarkalston  35, Male, India - 5 entries
Nov 2017
1:58 AM IST

Gain the Unbeatable Edge Exclusively with the Global Talent Management Leader Certification

There’s a dramatic shift in the last decade and it has completely changed the traditional role of the HR & C-Suite leaders. The key business unit has undergone massive changes for achieving the desired business outcomes. This has created a certain expectation from the senior HR managers in order to contribute more than ever in the talent management strategy. They must develop a firm understanding of the key concepts, models, and terminology of business and strategy.

Global Talent Management Leader Certification for HR Leaders provides a comprehensive training in the modern talent management, which will enable the senior HR executives to be equally assertive in the decision-making processes in their organizations. This certification aims at empowering the senior HR executives with the principle strategic concepts to complement the organization’s global talent management initiative.

This certification is designed for the senior HR leaders who are ready to see the big challenges from every possible angle! Have you decided to register for this HR certifications? Registering for GTML is easy- what’s more, is you can register anywhere and anytime! Once you have finished the registration and pay for the exam, TMI would send you a confirmation mail and you’re ready to start your unique GTML journey!

Leverage your career with GTML and receive the TMI Resource box once the registration is finished!
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