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    tellxmexwhy  27, Female, North Carolina, USA - 4 entries
Aug 2009
9:39 PM EDT

Nose piercing and other things

Today I got my nose pierced! I thought it was gonna hurt but it didn't! My eyes didn't even water! I am so proud of myself because I am a complete whimp and I went through with it and didn't scream or anything. Now I'm just trying to keep it from getting infected. But, I love it! Some of my friends like it but others are saying I'm stupid for doing. And you know what I tell all the haters? It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, as long as I like it.

Oh, and I got my hair cut, too. It's a little shorter than I'm used to (right above my shoulders) but I like it. Today has been nothing but change; which I think is a good thing because I needed some change in my life.

I have orientation for school tomorrow. I start back Wed. Ugh! I so don't wanna go back. But, oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do, and I gotta go to school.

5 comment(s) - 05:05 PM - 08/04/2009
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