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    manavpietro  35, Male, New York, USA - 63 entries
May 2018
5:38 AM IST

Good-to-Know Facts Related to the Pressure Washing Process

Also known as power washing, pressure washing has become a quite popular service nowadays. If you live in a high rise building or have an office that isn�€™t cleaned from outside for long periods, you will need power washing to get rid of layers of dirt and smudge. Pressure washing those areas can fix up the problem completely. Since there are hardly any chemicals involved, the process is completely safe for use too. It is only the water pressure that cleans up the dirt, though you must make sure to not touch its pressure, which can hit you hard like a bullet.

Some quick facts about power washing

  • The hot water pressure stream is used for cleaning marks of grease, oil, and other difficult substances.
  • The high-pressure water stream is aimed at a surface with varying temperatures depending upon the kind of dirt.
  • The temperature and pressure used also varies according to the surface it's used on.
  • Low-pressure water jet can be in the range of less than 5,000 PSI, while the high-pressure water jet can go over 25,000 PSI.
  • Pressure cleaning the walls is also ideal before going for repainting or refinishing.

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