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    manavpietro  34, Male, New York, USA - 63 entries
Apr 2016
3:21 AM IST

How to Get an Elegant & Efficient Kitchen?

Well, we all have heard about those stories where your friends or family have started their kitchen remodeling demeanor with undeniable passion, but later on was so entangled in the web of confusions that they were never able to reach the proper layout format. We all know that misery love company but don’t we all crave for happy endings- an elegant and functional kitchen which gives comfort, efficiency and maybe just a little bit of jealousy oozing from your neighbors!

The new infographic� “Don’ts of Kitchen Remodeling “ by gives you the complete list of do’s and don’ts while designing or rather redesigning a kitchen. While redesigning a kitchen, always put the function first. The accessibility is the key to have a well-organized and modular kitchen. You certainly don’t want an over-cramped space with lots of cabinets jammed at one place and you don’t have any moving space left for you in the kitchen.

Do look forward to use your creative side to design some fun and creative elements for your kitchen under the guidance of your architecture. However, don’t try to overdo it by using your entire D-I-Y attitude. A well designed kitchen will appreciate the value of your home, while an immaturely designed kitchen will spoil and depreciate the complete look of your home.
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