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    trostenuae  34, Male, United Arab Emirates - First entry!
Sep 2020
4:30 AM +08

Why are condensing units important?

Condensing units in air conditioning unit are also known as condenser units. What these condensing units do is to cool down the refrigerant vapors to liquid. The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant and makes the air circulation better. There is a fan also that blows the air outside through what are the heat exchanger components. The condensing units are very important parts of an Air Conditioning Unit. If the condenser units do not function properly, the AC units will not cool effectively.

Air conditioning equipment / systems should be manufactured as per global standards. That way they give optimal performance and it should be taken care by condensing unit suppliers.

Trosten industries is one of the leading manufacturers of condensing units in the UAE. It follows international guidelines on the manufacture of the units. It meets global product and service standards.

Trosten condensing units are available with R410a and R407c refrigerants and hermetic scroll compressors. The capacity range is 14KW to 280KW. They are designed for ambient temperatures of up to 52 degrees. Trosten has incorporated a high-pressure safety cut-off that has a manual reset. The condensing units have coil guards and metal fan shrouds. To make them suitable for a wide range of electrical supplies, Trosten tests them according to AHRI 365.

Trosten makes condensing units that have hermetic scroll compressors that makes them more energy-efficient and environment-friendly when compared to the conventional condensing units.

Trosten Industries is the company to go to when a good quality condensing unit is required or needs to be serviced.

Trosten is one of the leading suppliers of condensing units. Its products are all manufactured with the latest technology. The products of Trosten Industries meet international quality and safety norms. They assure of a highly qualified team of experts, global quality of products and service par excellence. Their team of professionals are always available to their clients 24x7.
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