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    yoeythamas  34, Male, New York, USA - 23 entries
Jun 2015
10:41 PM IST

Firework movie moments you would enjoy watching!!

Do you love fireworks and buy firework on special occasions to make the event even more enjoyable and memorable? Well, you would love watching these movie firework moments on screen.

In the movie Summertime, Jan Hudson (Katharine Hepburn), on holiday in Venice, succumbs to a kiss from antique shop owner Renato di Rossi (Rossano Brazzi) after watching a fireworks display. In Ratatouille, Wannabe rodent chef Remy (Patton Oswald) discovers the joys of combining the flavours of strawberry and cheese, and imaginary fireworks explode in celebration. If you have kids, make them watch this scene too. They would love it so much. Just make sure they don’t try cooking with fireworks.

If you like romantic movies, you shouldn’t miss Blue Valentine. When the movie ends, huge symbolic fireworks lit the credits on the screen. In Police Story 2, the bad guys kidnap the girlfriend of Sergeant "Kevin" (Jackie Chan) and hide her in a fireworks warehouse.�Watch the movie American Tail. There is a famous scene in which Fireworks herald the arrival of the heroic Giant Mouse of Minsk, the mechanical avatar used by Fievel to beat New York gangster Warren T. Rat.

There are countless other movies which have fireworks scenes. Enjoy watching beautiful and sparkling fireworks on your TV or laptop screen.

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    manavpietro  34, Male, New York, USA - 63 entries
Jul 2015
12:39 AM IST

Make Fireworks Celebrations Safe

An occasion feels empty if it is not celebrated. Celebrations are hence a medium of sharing the joint happiness. Whether it is an occasion of child birth, promotion in loved one’s job, wedding anniversary of parents, children’s birthday, graduation and so on; people do feel like expressing their happiness and positive spirits on such events. One of the best ways through most people love to express their happiness is fireworks.

Fireworks are designed to bring light, enthusiasm, joy and a lively spirit in the environment. However, people must remember that fireworks could be dangerous if proper measures are not taken at the time of lighting them.

Some of the common injuries, which people encounter through fireworks, include burns, contusions, lacerations, sprains, fractures and more of these kinds. These injuries could come into your life or your children’s life if you would not be alert at the time the fireworks are lit. It is wise to keep the children away from fireworks, avoid buying fireworks in brown bag, buy only legal fireworks, never allow younger children to lit them, do not buy improperly ignited fireworks and be careful when you or your children are lighting them.� �
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