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    yoeythamas  34, Male, New York, USA - 23 entries
Jul 2015
11:00 PM IST

History of styles: How to dress up windows using historic treatments

Window treatments confer privacy while boosting your room’s d�cor. They keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. While most people look to save on energy bills with window treatments, some homeowners like to go for historic window treatments because of their elegance and unique features. Here are some historic window treatments that you can install in your window to get historic feel:

  • Interior Shutters: They were introduced during ancient Greece. They block sunlight and provide proper ventilation. Many retailers and manufacturers provide interior shutters in wide varieties which may give your home the ancient Greece look.

  • Lace curtains: Lace has been used in decorating homes for centuries. It became popular during 19th century. Today, lace is available in various forms such as panels, swags & jabots and lace tiebacks.

  • Roller shades: Though roller shades were more popular among Dutch and Germans in the 19th century, but still many homes prefer installing them because of their decorative edge.

  • Blinds: Blinds have a rich history in interior decoration. Today, metal blinds are popular in modern homes. To get the ancient Egyptian decoration look, install wooden blinds.

You can get customized window treatments in the market, which can mimic historic window coverings while providing a tailored aesthetic.

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    manavpietro  34, Male, New York, USA - 63 entries
Apr 2016
2:40 AM IST

Why the Window Treatments are said to be the Fourth Skin in Architecture?


As per the recent developments, the window covering have started to be considered as the ‘fourth skin’ in the fields of architecture. Our skin is the first, clothing is the second, third is the building enveloping us and the fourth and the last is the exterior shading solution to shield the building, also known as ‘window coverings’.

The new infographic “Window Shades-Things to Know” highlights the types of shades and the things to consider before buying them. You can accompany the Fabric Shades with draperies for a neat and stylish look. The ‘Roam shades’ are the most in-demand shades these days due to the style and elegance they add to a room.� Roman shades not only add texture and vibrancy to the overall look of your room, but also provide privacy, light filtration and insulating effects to the room.

However, to get the perfect window treatment you need to focus on the key points while taking the window measurements. Use a metallic tool to take the measurement as it will avoid any chances of errors and also make it a point to note down the measurements in inches and not in a combination of feet and inches. It will only add to the confusion while buying the window shades.
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