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    nodeadends  16, Female, New York, USA - 29 entries
Aug 2007
4:11 PM EDT

I like the combination of the two colors reminds me of fire sort of. Back to that chick. I cant avoid her, our children go to the same daycare. In addtion to this we live less than a block away from each other. I can stand in the front of my house and see her apartment building. So why is she pressing up on me like this? Princess is acting needy and making me want to slap the shit out of her little bony ass. she obviously has me confused for curtis. I talked to Tony , same ol' shit as usual. Bet he was suprised when he asked for some ass and I told him I need some money. And I wasnt talking about penny change! Yes I need the money, however I dont make a habit of asking men for money. Especially one"s that I have an established "relationship with. Recently he was suprised when I told him he was shallow. Had the nerve to ask me what that meant! He so narrow minded as well as transparent. Can he dress up his requests, or disguise as something more pleasant than a quick fuck at some sleazy hotel. That I will not name, because alot of hoes and tricks frequent the place. I do not want anybody to we go there. Not often but we do.
Princess doesnt adapt to change well she just pissed on herself again. Frustrating very frustrating thats all... I guess I will find something else do with my time. Now that I have pretty much splattered my brain here. For now its empty. No more mindless raving or banter;
Til the next time journal :):)
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