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    nodeadends  16, Female, New York, USA - 29 entries
Aug 2007
3:50 PM EDT

I dont believe this chick just sent her daughter down here to ask me for ten dollars. That is very ungrateful on her part. How about the fact that she didnt earn the money, she was suppose to watch my kids while I was at work. When I came home the boys were no where in her sight. She was in the house, while they played outside alone. First she called, I toldher basically I couldnt talk right now, so she sends her kid down here. As if I am going to try to avoid her. How soon she forgets who washed her dirty ass clothes, who's food she and her greedy mini norbit daughter's ate! Obviously she cant recall when she didnt have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I am the one who took from her kids to make sure them damn kids of hers and her man ate.
People like her make it hard for people like me to be kind to them. I guess its true no good deed goes unpunished. I am going to give her ten dollars then cut her loose. She has a man, I dont. Everything I get comes from one source me. He needs to get off his sorry ass and make it happen for sure. A few times she tried to out wait me to see if I was going to feed my kids during her visit. Cause she knows that if Iam feeding mine Iam going to do the same for hers. I won the waiting game,my kids were pissed even though I told them before hand hows shit was going down.
I need an outlet or an outing one or the other. zay left, this is just a pit stop for her. when she is hungry or tired of doin whatever she does she comes here. Why does she stop? Keep truckin is what I want to tell her quite often. you know so damn much, then know how to get on a straight grind and handle your shit! "Princess" Just woke up with damn whining that grates on my nerves Its worse than finger nails scraping against a chalkboard or a balloon.
I need a vacation, where would I go? Somewhere were kids are prohibited . That big dummy just had her daughter call me again. She is not only slow but ignorant. Chasing me down for ten dollars like a crack head needing a hit. Why isnt she woman enough to ask me for herself? I think she thinks because of the stuff I do: and the little I have that I possess a money tree that I can pick tens and twenties off of at my leisure. Dumb Cunt. So hw
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