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    AngelQuren  29, Female, Malaysia - First entry!
Nov 2017
6:03 AM IST

A Bus Ride to some of the attractions of Langkawi


Langkawi is full of plush green landscapes, parks, significant landmarks that should definitely not be missed. This is one of Malaysia most popular destinations and is home to several cultural attractions, excellent opportunities for divers, a great nightlife and shopping that is quite easy on your pockets. Langkawi is also popularly known for its calm and serene beaches, which is rated among the best in the world. Langkawi is best explored when you travel by road and I highly recommend you to do so by boarding a bus and zipping around the city. Langkawi buses are known for their strict adherence to timings.

Malaysia surely has many reasons to boast about their strategically planned road networks. The road planning is such that you can reach every nook and corner of the city without having to change your mode of transport frequently. You can just board a bus and reach your destination without any interchange of buses. Apart from this, the punctuality and low fares of the bus transit system has encouraged people to leave their own cars back at home. These buses have their own tracking system and there is no need to wait at the bus stop either. You can travel carefree without your wallets thanks to, which will let you book your bus tickets online. So next time you plan on going somewhere open your redbus app, book your tickets and zip through the city conveniently and hassle free. The website also rewards you via discounts and cashback offers!

Langkawi Sky Bridge

A 125-metre long pedestrian bridge offers magnificent views of Telaja Tujuh Water Falls. The Waterfall is set at 700 metres above sea level and can only be accessed via the final station of the famous Langkawi Cable Car Ride. You can board a bus that will take you to the entrance point of this Cable Car Service. The only requirement for you to get on this ride is that you should be above 12 years of age. The bridge has a very sturdy design and can accommodate more than 250 people at a given point of time. The bridge is a picture perfect destination as the views are simply stunning. The ride is definitely not for those who are faint-hearted but the ones who are not, are simply going to have a memorable experience.

Eagle Square

It is a 12-metre tall sculpture in the shape of an eagle that is just ready to take a flight. The structure has been built on top of an elevated platform and is just at a walking distance from landmarks like jetty point mall and several restaurants as well as duty free shops. It also houses small fountains, bridges and terraces and since it is located quite close to the sea, it has become a popular spot amongst the youngsters for clicking pictures. You can board an express Bus and get off at the Jetty Point Mall and you can easily reach Eagle Square.
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