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    manavpietro  35, Male, New York, USA - 63 entries
Aug 2017
6:07 AM IST

Europe is a Preferred Destination of Higher education by the Majority of the World

Europe is a preferred destination of higher education by the majority of the world’s students, not just because it has a rich and long running history in imparting the best education through some of the world’s oldest institutions, but also because of its tremendous employment and research opportunities that it offers to students after they have passed out from some of the great universities in Europe.

For any student planning a successful foreign education, there is probably no better option than Europe, and where better to go for your studies than Germany, one of the most progressive and advanced industrial nations in the continent by far.� Most of the German universities rank high among the top ten universities in Europe. This is also combines with the fact that jobs and prospects are very high in Germany. The other two countries where one can expect superior education and employment opportunities aligned with their vocation are France and the Netherlands.

It is Germany, however, that has probably the most advanced education system, with more than 12,000 programs on offer and many of their institutions count as among the great universities in Europe. A lot of these centers for higher education in Germany are hubs of innovation in technology, software, healthcare, finance and medicine.

France is another country with a lot of great potential for higher education, most notably because it is a beautiful country with an excellent governance and offers what is probably no of the best environment in the world for higher study and research. In fact, the universities between Germany, France and the Netherlands probably amount to more than 50% of all rankings of the top ten universities in Europe.

Engineering, management, music and fine arts are the main specialization areas that the international students come to France to study. The opportunities are endless, and the careers that are build here offer a better class of living and ease of research and innovation not seen almost anywhere else in the world.
The Netherlands is also a great country, with it’s rich natural resources and long tradition of great academics and awards. Many international students prefer to pursue their higher education in the Netherlands because of the great universities and academic institutions that it houses.

It is noteworthy to remember that a student would be incurring a lot of costs during their tenure at a university in Europe. So one must keep their budgets in mind and choose countries that offer economical benefits as well as scholarships, like many universities in these three countries do.

A foreign education is a huge investment, and one must choose their destination carefully, considering all circumstances. It is not easy to get admission into these great universities, but of course, with patience and perseverance, it can be achieved. Always choose the best university that will offer you benefits of employment, research and a vibrant economy coupled with people who are friendly and attentive to your needs. Choose a university based on opportunities and capabilities for a bright and shining career.
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