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    UgyenTelwi  29, Female, Malaysia - First entry!
Nov 2017
4:01 AM IST

A Bus Ride from Melaka to Penang


The locals have referred to the beautiful city of Melaka as the little fishing village that became one of the most beautiful cities. The UNESCO has listed Melaka as one of the best world heritage sites in the year 2008. It is a city that is quite rich culturally and also has a number of historical sites for visits. Also a little river here runs through the city providing it with a calm and peaceful aura. It is the only city in Malaysia that can rightfully boast about lots of good food apart from its cultural attraction. Starting from the famous Christ church to the always-buzzing night market the range of activities that you can indulge in Melaka rightfully will never come to an end. Make sure to visit places like the Jonker Street, Menara Taming Sari, Christ Church, Melaqka River and the famous Sultanate Palace. If you are a luxury seeker like me you can stay at the Majestic Melaka or even the Casa Del Rio Melaka which is located right in the heart of the city.

The best time to visit this city is during the months of April to May and October. After my 10-day stay in Melaka, it was time for me to visit my next destination Penang. I had a range of options right from air, train to buses to travel to this city. Based on my previous experience I chose to travel by Bus. I booked tickets for the same from this website As per the website there are about 4 Operators plying on this route. Trans Nasional plys about 3 buses, Sepat and Mayang Sari Express have 2 buses and Intercity Coach has 1 bus plying on this route. Trans Nasional, Sepat and Mayang Sari Express are all Executive Coach Operators with fares starting from MYR30. Intercity Coach however is the only luxury coach Operator on this route. The total duration of the journey is about 6 hours if you leave during the non peak hours. However, during the peak hours it may take upto 8 hours.I chose to travel by Trans Nasional like I usually do and I was happy with experience this time as well.

Penang :
Penang is the island of modernity and old world charm. Located in central Malaysia it consists of two main parts one which is the Penang island which includes the city capital of George Town and the other Sebarang Perai. Penang today has become quite commercially progressive and is also one of the best industrialised states with a thriving economy. The city also contains a lot of old world charm and although it is highly modernised today it still hasnt forgotten its roots. The entire population here is heterogenous as a result of which a lot of languages are spoken within the city. The city also offers a stunning view of the sparkling coast as you walk along side the roads.

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