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Dec 2006
8:04 AM EST

Do you ever feel like you are never good enough?! Sometimes I think that I constantly feel this way. It seems that no matter what I accomplish or how hard I bust my ass for something, noone ever notices. It doesn't help any that I am the youngest of three and my older brother & sister are both so damn perfect. My sister graduated with honors from OU with a masters in accountancy and now she has a new apartment in an upscale part of Dallas. My brother is a senior at OSU who will graduate with honors and is already a sucessful and well recognized basketball coach. And what am I? I am a sophmore at OSU who has never made the honor roll and gets left in the background. I swear when all of us children are home all my parents want to talk about is my sister's new job, or about her living in Dallas, or about my brother graduating, or how great of a basketball coach he is. I mine as well not even exist!?! I swear, I would never want anyone feel the way I do when I am around my family, not even my worst enemies. And I am busting my ass off right now trying to ace all 5 of my finals and all my mother has to say to me on the phone is "so are you going to make 5 A's?" NO, I'm not! I am going to make 4 A's and 1 B, but that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting because I am stressed about finals and I am about to start my period, but there's got to be more to life than feeling like this all of the time.... PS: I still haven't had a sip of alcohol!
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