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Dec 2006
6:25 PM EST

I finally saw someone for who they really are today. This girl who claims to be my friend has never really acted like a friend towards me. I have held her hand while she was sad and I listened whenever she needed to talk, but she has never once tried to do that for me. All she talks about is herself and she is such a hypocrite. When I needed her the most (aka when my cousins got in a huge car wreck and I was sad about not spending Christmas with my mother because she was in Houston getting treatment for her breast cancer) all she could talk about was the little fight she had with her boyfriend. The only reason it has taken me this long to call this person out, is because to your face she is the nicest person in the world, but she talks about you when you leave and she doesn't know the true meaning of the word "friend". Oh, did I mention the fact she uses me to get to my older brother and his apparently good looking roommates? Ya, well everytime she invites me to do something wiht her and her roommate, she ALWAYS tells me to call my brother and ask if they want to come. This happens all the time and I am sick of it. And she must always comment to me how 'hot' and 'cute' they are. I wish I could tell her that they don't like her...cause they don't!! They have told me so; they say she is pathetic! And if she wants to hang out with them, she can call them her God damn self. I thought I left all this drama when I left high school, but I guess not. I really don't need another person in my life that is constantly going to screw me over, so I am so done with this person... In other news, I got to spend quality time with my roommate and best friend Natalie. She is such a good friend and is always there for me. We had so much fun making cupcakes and watching Pirates of the Carribean 2! I just wish this next week would be over, I'm so ready for a break from all of this!
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