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Mar 2008
7:35 PM EST

My Everything

I strongly believe that before I start looking for "the one", I need to figure out what I want in a man. I want a guy that finds it sexy when I spit out random sports facts. A guy that thinks of me more that just one of the guys. Someone who will take care of me and will be my rock. A guy who is strong and only shows his emotions when necessary. He must be tall and won't mind that my hands sweat when I am nervous. A guy that will spend all day outside with our children, even when he is tried from a long day at work. Someone who thinks I am perfect just the way I am now. A man who can laugh with me when I am in a giggly mood & can sympathize with me when I am down. A man who will love me unconditionally, no matter what.

Hopefully you are out there somewhere. I will wait as long as it takes....

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    About Me: I am just a normal college student who is just trying to enjoy life and is making a few mistakes along the way.

    Interests: Roadtrips, reading, sports (college football), beading, thrift store shopping, HOMER the dog, coffee shops, College Game Day, good music, snowboarding,, hanging with the siblings, being a STARS fan (love it!) and making the long drive home to TEXAS.