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Jan 2007
1:14 PM EST

How do you decide your future? How do you pick which route to take? How do you know if the one you pick is the right choice? I need some answers! How do you make the biggest decision of your life? I keep going back and forth and I still have no clue! God I wish someone would tell me what to do and tell me that everything is going to work out. I mean, what if I make the wrong choice and I miss my fate, the life that was intended for me? I really want to go up east, but I don't know if I have what it takes to move 2,000 miles away from everything I've ever known!?! I've heard that you make decisions with your heart, but what do you do if your heart has been broken in a million little pieces? So I guess I have nothing to go by...I'm screwed! If anyone who is reading this lives or has been to any of the places I plan on moving too, your input would be greatly appreicated. The list is: Boston, Baltimore, Chapel Hill, Kansas City, & Austin. Anything, and I mean anything, you have to say will help. Thank God I still have 6 months to decide!
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    About Me: I am just a normal college student who is just trying to enjoy life and is making a few mistakes along the way.

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