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Dec 2007
4:09 AM EDT

Hi, everyone

here it is now in the winter really with lower temperture.But for me lived in northin China, where it has been cold in the winter, I have already used to lived in cold conditions. So since I have come to Nanjing city of China, I have notbeen weared heavy clothes before the last winter.

Today I came to University at noon, for I had got to a lesson to have. but when I hurried to the dorm, my roonmate told me the lesson is cancled. In fact, I also hope so. So I went to bed, because I was very tired. After woke up, I washed my hair and then went to lab.

In the evening, one of my classmates trusted me for dinner because she gained fee from invigilating for teachers. So we went to restaurant outside of University and ordered "suan cai yu" and "di san xian". they were tasty. after dinner, we came back the Lab, repectively.

She was always happy inthis term, perhaps because she made a boyfriend last term. Everytime I looked her happy smile, I also felt happy as I met my boyfriend first like.


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