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Jul 2007
12:32 AM EDT

July 18, 2007
oh,everyone.It's long time that i did not visit you. How are you? summer is drawing near and here it is very hot from morning to evening. How about your place? but from online tonight, i have known all of the people in the United States have suffering from the high temperature weather in recent days. here I am very sympathy those people,but I hope you all are struggling thesevere weather. At the same time, we have to think of whyis the world climate nowadaysso abnomal?
pehaps the artifical activities is making more effect on it.So it is very important to prohibit those "harmful" activities that will affect the climate. or we human will injure our home. But this is needed all of the world peoplewill act our promises. work hard, please join us.
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    About Me: I am a Chinese girl studying in a college majoring environmental science for my master degree. I am married, and have a very good husband.

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