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Apr 2007
5:25 PM EDT

I havn't made a phone call to my parents for several weeks because I am busy with my study. Today thinking of the happy past time,I telephoned my mother at7 o'clock in the evening. But nobody answered me at all that mademe gloomy. So I had to call my elder sisterto understand the condition of them.An ominous feeling has poured into my mind that something must be wrong with one of my parents. When the line is connected, an immediate voice come up to mefrom that end of the telephone: "hello, who are you? Whom will you want to?" I quickly realized the voice was from my elder nephew. "It is me, your youngest aunt" answered I. "what had happenedto your family or your grandparents" I asked. He said so slowly, "my grandmother was illfor many days and she was kept in bed; she has to go to hospital". I now realized the tracheitisof my motherattacked her again. Perhaps this is affection sensation. That is to say, under no conditions of hints, both of counterparts could feel situations happenedto another. I really hope my mother will recover as quickly as possible.
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    About Me: I am a Chinese girl studying in a college majoring environmental science for my master degree. I am married, and have a very good husband.

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