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Apr 2007
5:18 PM EDT

It is nothing specialtoday.But there is a thingannoying me--------I don't knowhow to deal with the soical relationship. Some like to please others when they need them immediately; but in daily life, they have never contacted with so called common friends. Others, however, are fond of running theirinteraction in daily life by spending much precious time and limited energy; in general, this type of people have many best friends and classify their friends indifferent grades andtreat them in different ways. In a word, the latter are social and external; the former lack this kind of gift in nature. Nowadays the entire society is alarge social net; every one is a little blot in this larger net. So you may become a bigger blot surrounded by other small ones as long as you properlydeal with yourothers around you.
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    About Me: I am a Chinese girl studying in a college majoring environmental science for my master degree. I am married, and have a very good husband.

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